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1. Q: what is the production process of bamboo products
    A: bamboo--to cut down--processing--drying--production--polishing--the quality--packaging--the delivery

2. Q: what is the advantage of bamboo compared with other material?
    A: green, natural, high yield, short growth circle
        anti-mildew, anti-moth, anti-bacterial, no drug remain
        hand-made, unique scent, natural color, cultural background

3. Q: what special service can we provide?
    A: customized color, customized size, customized logo and customized packing

4. Q: what is your company product range? 
    A: bamboo sticks, party skewers (fruit skewers), cocktail pick (swizzle stick), coffee stick, sushi rolls, toothpicks, chopsticks, bamboo cutting board, bamboo kitchen wares, bamboo tablewares, and bamboo crafts. 

5. Q: what information should I offer if I want to get a quotation
    A: The types of products you need, the quality, the size, the package requirements, and the quantity. It would be appreciated if you can send us the picture and design of the chopstick you need(both yours and ours picture online).

6. Q: Do you inspect the finished products? 
    A: Yes, our QC department will make an inspection before shipping.

7. Q: why should we choose your company?
    A: (1) located in Fujian, it is rich in bamboo material
        (2) microwave processing and fungus-proof technology;
        (3) more than 30 year's experience of production in this field 
        (4) stable production, good quality, timely delivery, competitive prices, and considerate service.

8. Q: how do you guarantee the delivery time?  
    A: we can increase production lines and workers, and fully prepare raw materials, so that we can fully grasp the production time, contact cooperative logistics, and ensure delivery speed.

9. Q: what kind of after-sales service do you offer? 
    A: the shelf life of the product is 12 months. During this period, the product itself has quality problems, and we can be responsible for it, provided that the buyer's preservation method is qualified.
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